(910) 341-7984 | 3120 Alex Trask Drive | Castle Hayne, NC 28429

Our Mission

We are multi-cultural ministry committed to changing lives through the simplistic, practical and powerful teaching of the gospel. We seek to minister to the total person through a deeper, more intimate understanding of the Word of God and an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Power of the Gospel

We are commissioned by God and devoted to “Changing lives through the power of the Gospel"

Cultivating Renewed Faith and Hope in Jesus Christ

Helping the Underpriveleged and Underserved.

Adopting our Methods to Reach the Youth and Next Generation.

Nurturing Families and Shattered Relationships to Health

Growing Spiritually, Financially and Numerically.

Evanelizing, Equipping and Empowering Disciples for Ministry.


Our Vision

We are a friendly and loving Church which helps people find their way to Jesus Christ. We do this through preaching the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in a simplistic, yet powerful manner, to radically change lives and to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

As a body, we are “United in love, rooted in respect with one mindset, we clearly communicate and collaborate to cover and support one another, as we work toward the success of our vision.”

We will use spiritual, economic and community development initiatives:

Spiritual Development

  • Teach and model the word of God in practical relevant ways
  • Move members from religion in Church, to relationship with God
  • Encourage members to move past fear and live by faith in the word of God

Economic Development

  • Educate and empower members to become better stewards of their finances
  • Implement entrepreneurial programs to help members own homes and start businesses
  • Leverage church resources and relationships to purchase additional lands for development

Community Development

  • Assist at-risk youths through mentoring programs, tutorial programs and life-skills training
  • Financially support non-profit organizations who serve underprivileged and under-served in our community
  • Establish child daycare and elderly day care facilities
  • Develop affordable housing for families and senior citizens
  • Develop Family Life Center with facilities to minister to the entire family